Reverie and rumination by 치

치 | Dec 30th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

Strangest of feelings, weirdest of dreams all visit me in the dark
At night when I’m alone with my thoughts, they wander to my darkest fear to the happiest moments to the saddest of times.
My thoughts trick me.
In the dark I lay biting my lips, eating my fear, thinking happy thoughts holding onto hope.
My thought scare me.
I blink away my tears to rise up from my delusions, I ask my self to stop, take a break and then move on.
My thoughts encourage me.
My thoughts scream at me asking me to do a million things; asking me to regret the million things I have done; asking me to think about a million things I will do.
They eat at me, they teach me, they build me.
My thoughts are me.


The writer is a 16 yr old student who is not a professional but a rookie interested in other art forms such as painting, music, etc.

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