The Lies Railed into Her Ears by Choolwe Lubaya

Choolwe Lubaya | Feb 15th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


That she should sway her hips—
a woman—this way and that.
That it is for extinguishing her
husband’s burning eyes.
That she should sweep the yard
every morning, like the way he
used to sweep her off her sores
with his lovely mess of words.
That she should shrivel
whenever he is angry at her.
That her lips should curl inward
with a shuddering tremor.
Lies! Such reeking lies to snuff
into her body.

Poet Bio

Choolwe Lubaya is a poet and a fiction writer from Lusaka, Zambia. His work has appeared in Aceworld Magazine and The New Ink Review.

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