Then…we become one in this social distancing season by Choolwe Lubaya

Choolwe Lubaya | Apr 3rd, 2020 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


No cars waltz through the
streets, or bodies past pavements.

Even play parks have been
looted of their usual voices.
Only the wind swifts a whistle.

I’m encased in your arms;
barring my brittle body from
what has fangs.

You and I drink from an oasis
of loneliness—no
voice to slit our smiles in half.

Your voice surges into my ears
saying, “Darling, please come
and quarantine with me.”

Poet Bio

Choolwe Lubaya is a poet and a writer from Lusaka, Zambia. When not writing, he tries to find inspiration for his art by having a lone stroll. His work has appeared in the New Ink Review and Aceworld Magazine.

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