Sunday 26th March 2017,
Poetry Potion

A Pitch on Black by Thabang Ngoma

I am the clarity at the center of your eye
Not the brown, blue or green surrounding dye
But the opening to the blackhole that is your mind
The only remnant of value when we die, but none will ever find

I am the infinity beyond the limit(s) of the sky
The wormhole through which our free spirit(s) fly
The space between your dreams and the truth
The reality you enter when you step outside life’s booth

I am humanity’s first born son
The reason the seasons obey the sun
You can ignore me, but I am the future
And when all existence disappears, the only remaining feature

I am the gene you wear reluctantly when you look in the mirror
The canvas to the cosmos, absolute zero
The black fabric of space and time
I am black and you are me..

I am never out of sight
I reign in spite of power and light
I operate outside the colour spectrum
I am the eternal continuum

An aspiring writer. A lover of poetry and music. A long distance runner and general sports fanatic. An obedient son and devoted father. 

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