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A Son’s Worth by Maka Nyingwa

14 October 2014 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on A Son’s Worth by Maka Nyingwa
Eat away my sorrows
and give me back my life.
Help me plant a new flower
so we could be set free at last.

Clear away the smoke,
it’s killing our new life
We must guard it with our swords,
and protect it with our shields

A flower blooms,
a symbol of you
We must begin again:
a puppet and its master…

Let the birds chirp
and the maidens sing
We have done it!
We are free to live!

This poet lives in the world of words, music and numbers. As a silent watcher this poet has seen how women are defined on how many sons they bare or to whom they are married. This poet is a support of the HeForShe campaign and hopes to inspire you too.
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