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An Ode To The Muse by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli 19 February 2012 poetry Comments Off on An Ode To The Muse by Sihle Ntuli

Muse sitting on the hypotenuse
The complexities of Pythagoras I tri an angle of the view
Guilty curves drive brains over the leap of faith
Sparking thought in the air
Landing on an explosion
I left The State called “ Mind”
Just an outsider They say I’m out “Mind”
Like Mind was rationed
No brain scratching i play irrational with no skips,
I’m goin from D to J
And if you thought I was Jumping to conclusions ,I’d jump again anyway
Just for kicks I have eshoes I “just do it” cause “Cause i’m all in”
What I stand for speaks for itself
My body of work born of a muse thats fused with the blue’s
Slow Percussion is my mood
Hate love, Love Hate where  is my muse?
Normality was a long time ago
That shipped has sailed
It battles a storm of hate camouflaged as Love
In the cypher that can’t b deciphered
While they claim Hips that Hop getting killed by assassins
As in the ass but no sin
I can’t lie on this sheet of red ink
I’m Slept on like the undertone’s
My muse rubs my back when i turn on all of you
Muse sitting on the hypotenuse
This is my ode to you.

Sihle Ntuli is a 21 year old writer who currently lives in Durban, South Africa, his work can be found on various online journals including Itch, Sang Bleu, Jiggered, Free Riddim & Poetry Potion


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