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Buried Words by Nomfundo Zwane

Nomfundo Zwane 26 October 2013 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on Buried Words by Nomfundo Zwane
The sound of his voice saw tears gushing like the river Nile,
All the while
His touch which I dream, engulfs my every being
The yearn and the lust left me paralyzed to love.
The sweet nothings and pillow talks left me with a jumble of insecurities.
His words left me pregnant with thoughts that bore questions,
Answers miscarried
His words are the ones I buried
One month from now will be the unveiling.
Nomfundo Zwane has been writing poetry for over 10 years now. The feeling she gets after completing a poem, she says “truly there is no greater joy”. Nomfundo appreciates and respect s how powerful words are and she has learnt how not to misuse them. She has been a part of many poetry shows and festivals including poetry Africa, she has also made appearances on a few radio shows; Gagasi fm and Durban youth radio to name a few. She says she lives to write and writes to live because poetry is her life.
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