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Candle Light by Raymupats

Raymond Mupatapanja 23 October 2013 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on Candle Light by Raymupats
Darkness surrounded me, I then lit my candle
This is not a romantic dinner,its not a bubble bath either
Piles of books clutter on my small wooden table
I am studying under a candle light
behind my chair is my mother sleeping on the floor,
just under the table my sister’s feet i feel
Sounds of falling dishes coming from one corner,the rats getting a share of the meal
Mosquitos parading torwads the candle and coacroaches nonchalantly
emerging from cracked table,
My hope, my life ,my light
I am studying under a candle light.
a Zimbabwean born poet, Humanitarian and journalist, who has worked with UN, OM, RCI in transforming lives and communities
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