Death by Emeralds_heart

[tabby title="Poem"] Death cameriding on the back of a snailI looked at her and I smilemy first step to digging my gravewith extended palms, I join her rideon endless times I was lost to timelost to the world or the...

Healing with Salt Water (Haiku) by Sibulelo Manamatela

[tabby title="Poem"] a passage of lightcuts through a trembling bodyfinds grief on its knees [tabby title="Poet Bio"] Sibulelo Manamatela is a poet and creative writing student. [tabbyending]

Fruits of rest by Nkateko Masinga

[tabby title="Poem"] society insists wepledge our allegianceto appearing busyto feel validated you’re soul thirstyso thirstyto proveyour worth doing thing after thingrushed to accomplishspirit torn apart producing no fruitconstant battlelack of peace stop quench that thirst nurture thedry well in your...

Circular Movements by Dshamilja Roshani

[tabby title="Poem"] MaybeThe key to being freeIs to run in circlesSo that societyCannot corner me [tabby title="Poet Bio"] Dshamilja feels things, thinks things, does things.And she writes things to process the above. [tabbyending]

College Admissions by Joseph S. Pete

[tabby title="Poem"] The rich like to lecture you about meritocracywhile they slip fat stacks of greasy bills into the handsof corrupt admissions officers at elite universities. The rich like to lecture you about hard workwhile you put in grueling 12-hour...