A Poem A Day Writing Prompt 09 December 2018

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Holy Fallible by Nkateko Tshabalala

[tabby title="Poem"] I’ve got a craving for a confession, the sins of my favourite flaws The absurdity that can fix a broken smile The transgressions that enlighten the truth To learn to smile with the marrow of my bones, the...

My body is a battlefield by Batia Efrat

[tabby title="Poem"] Your privilege is bigger than my body; it is bigger than me and my suffering, my pain It is as large as the world, if not larger It spans generations, continents, perhaps even galaxies My body is not...

From the darkness by Mia

[tabby title=Poem] The stars burst ablaze setting fire to the night; from the darkness, light! [tabby title=Poet Bio] Mia is a lover of words and all things poetic [tabbyending]  

Submechanophobia by Jabberwog

[tabby title="Poem"] August austere the sodden waste and its looming dune Lurching and heaving Lurching and heaving and sunless and visited only once. Rivet. Panel. Wing. She soars on beneath the world swaying there alone to lurch and heave as...