courage= (emc)2 by M Jay Mutle

M Jay Mutle | February 28th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

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[tab id=1]Heart beat
Drumming my ears shut
Chest bursting 
Of fear filled noise
Clouding my nose. 
Burning dry my mouth closed
Forced to swallow dry
Hot saliva, 
Drying my well of liquid – I thirst.
Palms sweating and my hands resisting to unclench the
Muted screams inside –
Silenced outside by fear – I blink
Hands unclenching while eye lashes shutter open and close
Toes uncurling me into action –
Two Steps…………………..Forward
The next/
Adrenalin punching me further/
Heated by fury/
My feet steaming to align my spine to confront!
Ravaging leopard leaps – I ATTACK

[tab id=2]I’ve been writing for about 8 years now. for me writing is simply captured in Steve Biko’s phrase “I write what I like”.[/tab]


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