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featured poem: Poetry Potion is Five by Victor Akarachi Nwogu

Victor Akarachi Nwogu 3 August 2012 featured poem, poetry Comments Off on featured poem: Poetry Potion is Five by Victor Akarachi Nwogu
I hear soothing whispers of calmness
Gently entering into my ears
And serenades my head
The achievement of an aim

I see a lively and elegant statue
Priding her head above others
She stands in starry brilliance
In never-diminishing radiance

I perceive her fragrance
Like the fragrance of a lavender
The queen of the night
Exuding from her aura such grace

I taste of her potion
Of poetry every single day
Words that heal and care
Words that teach and instruct

I feel her touch of love
Love for words crafted into poetry
One, two, three, four, patiently
I can wait to hear that she is five

Victor Akarachi Nwogu is a prolific poet who has written several poems. He is the author of Blossomed Cherries: the ultimate love experience. He is a motivational speaker, a philosopher and a careful observer of things. He hails from Abia State in Nigeria http://www.creatingabrandnewworld.blogspot.com

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