Thursday 20th July 2017,
Poetry Potion



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Word on Plagiarism, Redscar McOdindo K’Oyuga and Poetry Potion 10

Poet Muse

6 Gladys May Casely-Hayford  


9 Anthea PaeloOnly a woman
11 Modest DhlakamaWhere Love Resides
12 Christopher KudyahakudadorweDaughter of Eve
13 DeeAndsBeyond Reasonable Doubt
15 Kariuki wa NyamuForget Not That Woman; Wangari Maathai; Mami Witu; Our Mummy Dear
24 Tshepi MakhathaThe Leaning Tower of Patriarchy
29 Megan RossVodka
32 Caitlin Spring | the credit
33 MakhananiJagged Smile
35 Norbert GóraThis Woman Is Like A Fog
36 The MotionWoman.
38 LeseLovesLordMy mother is a woman who…
39 Kela GriotBurning Black Lotus
41 Ruth EversonAroused; 41 Washed Up
43 Maimoonah GoriUnleasing of her soul
45 Katherine NaikerIndecent Women
47 Shannon HopkinsPost-Modern Survival Wench
48 Cami ScoundrelThings that need speaking
50 GameedahRiffelI wish you were more like me
51 Soul’o RocksWho is she?
53 Hazel ToboMorgue; Raging fire
55 Judy CroomeWinter
57 Kearoma MosataBackbone
59 XeezyTake me back
60 Chestlyn DraghoenderThe Preacher; This Woman is
62 girl who fits outmirror
63 Nqaba DanoShe is a woman
65 Elle WarrenConsolatio; Apologia
69 Linda BusukuThis Woman is Dressed in Size Tens
70 Gaamangwe MogamiAlchemy
71 Themesha KhanTime for the Phoenix
73 Mapule MohulatsiRumours

74 Contributors bios



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