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I Leant On Your Hand Once by Renier Palland

Renier Palland 8 November 2016 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on I Leant On Your Hand Once by Renier Palland

I leant on your hand once.
It was fleeting, like a light caught in my window – emprisoned and atomic
You leant on my wrist
like a lean, low tree that catches
the late night light.

Gleaming and startling, you awoke within me
all the kerosene-lit bridges I’ve burnt
and all the lighthouses I have crashed into
because they were broken.

I allowed you into my veins
into the small of my back
into the sleek slither slightly snaking its way across my face.

I wanted you to see the cracks
covering my galaxy.

I wanted you to hold me,
to stop my universe pouring out of me
and pooling beneath my feet
like a shadowy sinner.

I leant on your eyes once:
they showed me gardens filled with blooming buds of blood.

And I saw you, covered in my breath.

Renier is a thirty-year-old published poet. His first book, Maniese Meervoud, was published earlier this year.
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