Incomplete by Jerome Cornelius

Jerome Cornelius | February 13th, 2013 | current issue, poetry | No Comments

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The waves look like canoes,
coming for us.

You say you wish you could lie
on the mirror-water
and float.

Shooting star, we both see it.
You, out the corner of your eye.
You in the corner of me,
the cradle where I hold you,
we face the sky.

You tell me you feel safe;
I believe you.

Maybe it’s true.

Your mind is elsewhere,
is it on me?

We are in the world, within our own,
the real world metres away.
[tab id=2]Jerome Cornelius is a young writer, aspiring adult and professional student from Cape Town. His interests lie in gender activism, ghost stories and science fiction. He is currently trying to write a thesis and attempts to dabble in poetry.


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