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Judgement by Gert Wewege

Gert Wewege 17 August 2016 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on Judgement by Gert Wewege
Oh he did it to himself they say
Homeless and on the street
Those needles served on a tray
He is working the beat

You go to church every Sunday
Listen to the word of God
Yet you judge me as I hide away
Trying to live like a sod

Did you see her being raped?
Did you feel the punches on her face?
Her last self-respect scraped
Dignity lost without a trace

Yet you sit there and judge
A human being without a soul
They don’t bare a grudge
They on no-one’s pay roll

Next time get up and help
A brother or sister in need
When you hear that desperate yelp

A gay father of 2 amazing children writing poems to out emotional pain of self and others.
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