Monday 24th July 2017,
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Kingly Living by King

King 3 March 2016 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on Kingly Living by King

Don’t tell me about the past
Tell the past the about me
Don’t tell me about the future tell the future about me

I’m a king of my generation
I hail from above
My aim is fulfilled
Don’t tell me about the world
Tell the world about me

What problems? Don’t tell me about them
Tell them about me
I’m a king I aim to terrorize the bad!
I don’t shudder a tear I shudder a smile, a joy
A laughter! Am laughing

Don’t tell me about perfection; tell me about
My perfection and tell perfection about me
I’m a king, I don’t cry I don’t mind
I do the doing for the doing is now!
kingly living 🙂

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