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Life’s Intricacies by Awande Melody

Awande Melody 23 December 2015 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on Life’s Intricacies by Awande Melody
is living
not just existing.
Divine connection
between soul, mind…
beautiful eccentricity.

without one’s
own passion?
Undoubtedly pitiable.
Disjointed from exuberant insanity,
breathless whimsicality.

yourself in-
oozing passion.
Emerge from the other side
ever aware of life’s
gorgeous entanglements.

Awande Melody has always had a keen fascination for the written word, especially poetry. Having been brought up in a family of avid readers, she has always loved literary art. Her work is based either on personal experiences or the experiences of those close to her. She is a chef during the day, and if she doesn’t work on her poetry, she can be found playing her guitar
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