Tuesday 26th September 2017,
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Mending by Ingrid de Kok

Ingrid de Kok 13 July 2017 featured poem, poetry Comments Off on Mending by Ingrid de Kok

In and out, behind ,across

The Formal gesture binds the cloth

the stitchery’s a surgeon’s rhyme

a Chinese stamp, a pantomime


of print. Then Spoor. The trail of red

Scabs rise, stigmata from the thread

a cotton chronicle congealed

a histogram of welts and weals


The woman plies her ancient art

Her needle sutures as it darts

scoring, scripting,scarring,stitching

the invisible mending of the heart


Mending by Ingrid de Kok. From Poetry99 Edited by Robert Berold (Jointly published by Timbila and Deep South) [2013]
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