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no blesser by mihla the poet

mihla the poet 23 May 2016 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on no blesser by mihla the poet
sometimes I thought loving you would be enough but I saw I was the good guy but no blesser

at times I would sit in my room listen to the rain while thinking what I got to do so that things could get better

but the Benz made you happy islands made you happy coco c on a daily basis got you cumming like sprinklers on full throttle and you didn’t get touched

seemed like I had to roll in the paper so you could stay from boyfriend to blesser that’s what you made

but my heart is walking away cause I don’t want to be a blesser

mihlali songcaka goes by the name mihla the poet or mtp his an aspiring poet froom Bloemfontein but he was born in umtata eastern cape in a family of five he started writing in 2011 but first he was writing about Christianity but has changed to more popular and more impactful topics
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