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Number One by Lehlogonolo Thokoane

5 December 2014 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on Number One by Lehlogonolo Thokoane
I could hear the cheers from afar
The sound echoed like the wind
I knew I had to raise the bar

My body ached
The state of my mind changed
I pushed myself, I kept going

As I drew nearer
My feet against the ground
My heart grew stronger

“I can do this”
“I can make it”
“I will pass”

I still march ahead
This race I’m running
In my own lane I am winning

The test of life
Will bring out the best of me
I will become the number one me

Child of God, born of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Chirst. A princess, a poet, linguist, guitarist and writer. My number one goal is to live a purposeful life and die empty. One of my mission is to spread the Gospel through poetry


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