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Observations of a Possible Alien by Claudia Moremohola

5 February 2015 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on Observations of a Possible Alien by Claudia Moremohola
I have a confession to make: I feel a little alien
I feel as though I’m a visitor from a world beyond this one

I see a species driven by an age old system that doesn’t seem to be working,
Yet they continue to hold onto it with all they have
I see the elders shackling the generations to their ways of thinking
I see the new trying so hard to break free, but fear won’t let it
I see minds becoming so shallow that hearts have become void
I see pain so real that it just gets ignored
I see how focus on the outer has overruled the importance of the inner
The kings rise higher, while the peasants fall lower
The contents of a wallet supersede the significance of the contents of a heart

This way is nothing but a destructive one
It’s like I’m the only one who sees it
Does this make me alien?
Or just really perceptive?

This is a young girl who often feels out of place. She uses poetry and other creative devices to express herself and feel a little normal. Reading, writing and listening to poetry is like therapy for her. It’s one of the few things that really make sense.


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