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Our Shack by Fasaha Mshairi

Fasaha Mshairi 3 April 2014 a poem a day challenge Comments Off on Our Shack by Fasaha Mshairi

A Poem A Day writing prompt Sanctuary

We were catching meteorites with our open chests
That left cavities in our hearts
That’s why the hollow parts of our hearts beat it;
They fled…
To the chest opposite.
The friction between us was an incantation
For what our ancestors treated so solemnly…
It was the marriage of souls.
Our chakras intertwined after noon
Sending twinkling stars to the sky
To keep the moon sane
No one can ball solo.
So I’ll cherish the colorful energy
That the vibrations in our palms wore so passionately.
Within that tipsy feeling drawn from too much of us;
I found refuge.
Hazel Tobo also known as Fasaha Mshairi is a young and vibrant performance poet with a passionate will to do for and transform the world of arts and poetry. A poet at Afro Alphabets,Rhythmic Live and Shindig Awe, worked with Sandton Poetry,Poetry Potion and The Plat4orm.
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