School Daze

we not in college to graduate and to go get a job… we not here because our mamas told us to… we not here to “act white”… for bragging-rights… to show-off… to look down on others… we not here because...

Untitled #11 by zamantungwa

I went back to the past To when woman walked flat-shoed last I shot, killed, maimed, murdered the man I came back to the present No woman had to wear heels.

When We Were Queens by zamantungwa

When the lands still hugged Afrika Before Afrika was called Afrika When the oceans were one and the lands one We were queens! The lands gave not if Mother Nature had none The nation smiled not if woman cried Woman...

Mofufi fofa by Tshegofatso Monaisa

Ke high flyer Ke fofa le Dolce and Gabana Or does that really matter?

2am Transit in Addis by Allan Kolski Horwitz

Ten hours to kill in the gleaming tiled transit lounge long like a hotdog shiny roll spiked with overhanging girders I want to kill these dead hours peel Time nibble Newsweek to find half-naked women tortured in fast cars government...