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Poem of the Week: Flavours of the Season by Bakhulule Maluleka

Bakhulule Maluleka 24 August 2012 featured poem, poetry Comments Off on Poem of the Week: Flavours of the Season by Bakhulule Maluleka
Walking the beaten dirt road of his memories,
He silently stumbles on the deserted concrete floor.
The crimson sun sinks ominously on the horizon
And – a sudden gasp – he clutches at his chest.
The bitter blood of the forgotten friendship
Churns thickly on his tongue,
Forming incomprehensible words
Coated in sorrow and betrayal.
The amber eyes – his old ally –
Regard him with a cold stare.
Laid bare, he reminisces on how they got there;
The stinging words and invisible shards of jealousy
Tearing at his throat:
His inexplicable success, the others’ envy,
The sudden call…
For this moment? A gesture of mercy?
The final piercing gunshot wound leaves a sour taste –
Disillusionment permeates through his mouth,
Like the apples of a cankered hate
And a weightless sigh escapes his lips.
I’m currently a joint Honours student in English Literature and Philosophy at Rhodes university. I love words in all their forms and believe I wouldn’t be able to fully cognize my life without them. Poetry is just one of the many convenient ways I choose to express myself.
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