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Purge by Sethu Nguna

Sethu Nguna 11 December 2014 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on Purge by Sethu Nguna
I was cornered into showing myself to Light on weary papers,
tattoos on Dead trees in mournful ink patterns.
Leaves splattered in titles.
Dreaded scripts of mourned youthful boasts drown a chorus of crowds at deep Dawn.
You asked me to lay Voice and I did.
I sketched a few pages of aching doubt,
Cold to the touch you once called me?
Well then, ignorance is always a fucking performance.
I dipped my quill in the resentment aching within Thoughts,
Scribbling curses in milky song and slimy clichés to catch the ear of you,
I had to type four pages, then forget to send the damned thing.
I chose not to bloody remember.
Sethu Nguna is a poet based in East London who enjoys walks on the beach and walking in the middle of empty avenues.

Inspired by Audre Lorde, Sylvia Plath and Langston Hughes, the poets’ lens is the urban and modern take on floating emotions, carved thoughts and the youthful experience of budding adulthood.


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