Tuesday 25th July 2017,
Poetry Potion

Sale Souls by Hazel Hotny

writing prompt… there are too many people,and too few human beings

Last seen,
Scene caused in the city center.
Cents dance on the concrete ,
Singing to their throwing for his drawing,
My reciting.
Cents I said!!!
For a soul poured out onto canvases and sculptures.
I sleep missing every night,
Never complete
And the only way to fill the void is give a piece of me everyday.
To mirrors that only throw my image back at my face
And crowds that throw cents,
These people cant find the human in their souls,
I took no offence for my soul was not for sale anyway…..

Hazel Tobo born in Tembisa 1993 and grew up in Polokwane. She started writing at the age of 11 and it has grown into the passion. She plays the recorder and harmonica and also does photography as a hobby. She has a published book, audio and DVD, under the theme “HAVE WE PUT OUT THE FIRE”, together compiled with SHINDIG AWE. She has performed at a number of events around Polokwane, nanely “Kgorong Poetry and Sound”, “Woman’s Conference” , Fire on the mountain annual festival in Limpopo and “The Next Generation Poetry” shows in Melville, Gauteng.
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