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Sanctuary by Anelisiwe Bodlani

Anelisiwe Bodlani 11 April 2014 a poem a day challenge Comments Off on Sanctuary by Anelisiwe Bodlani
I wanna be the foundation of your love
The pillar of strength that holds it all together
I want my arms to be the walls
and the roof that keep you out of harms way
I want my smile to be the light that reflects upon ur life
I want my eyes to search deep within your soul
And with my words, when they come out
They fix and heal every wound
I want you to not only hear my words but also feel my love
I want you to give me your all and never hold back.
I want to be your
Unshakeable mountain of faith
Iwant you…
…i want you
I want us to conquer together
I want to be that stepping stone
that helps you move forward
I wanna be the hand thats always abreast you
The hand that wipes away all the tears
The hand that touches and gives warmth
I want my back to be able to carry your weight and mine
I wanna be your mirror so i can reflect the love that you give me
I wanna be that place
you can come to and find truth
When feel confused and unsure
I wanna be yout sanctuary
The place where everthing connects
Like the dots of magnificence
And wherever we are
i am a 23 year old female who loves writing who believes that the key to changing the world is in words
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