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She by Mystic Revealer

24 March 2015 current issue, poetry Comments Off on She by Mystic Revealer
She carries an example of perfection
She walks with the intention of turning heads, only to bring them down
She possesses the power to weaken Goliath
She possesses the power to strengthen David
Unlike Dolly Parton, She can turn tear drops to pennies and heartaches to gold
just like Beyonce, She has the power to replace any better man for the best
for she only settles for the best.
I am talking about She who dodges the bullets of lies
but sometimes She falls into them.
Yet just like Shakira, when She walks down the street in her high
heels men bow down for her hips don’t lie.
He say She fake with all that weave and mascara yet
He don’t know that She finds many ways to manifest
Her inner beauty.
I am talking about She who
carries the womb of intelligence.
She who carries the beauty
of tomorrow today.
The image of humanity,
Beauty laid down by God to brag about his work.
She who acts sassy but still shows Ubuntu
whereas we live in a Generation where it exists no more.
I can say go to Google, but you won’t find it.
Dictionary? Not a chance.
But in my arms, that’s where you’ll find Her.
Revealer is a poet, an actor, a director and a writer (script writing, book writer) (SA)



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