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Son of a Gun by Thabang Ngoma

4 December 2014 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on Son of a Gun by Thabang Ngoma

Fire cooked in the belly of a barrel
An inferno like a messenger of death from hell
Somersaulting like a ninja assassin wilding his sword unsheathed
With double edged precision and ill intent unleashed
In my clear trajectory I target any would be shot stopper
I spit fatality and finality, I’m the showstopper
A warning shot into the air, into your ear
A crack of lightning string with fear
There lies power in the pull of a trigger
An on/off switch of life at the tip of a finger

I entre the air with a loud Bang!
I express death like a bulletin
Collide and split air molecules with gun powder
15 calibre to penetrate fragile body armour
I shoot off my mouth like a machine gun
Two syllables, death by numbers, one by one
I recoil on my words, then silence
Steal lives and leave bullet clips
I laugh at your gun laws
I am the Lord of all wars

I’m an aspiring writer and enjoy reading and the challenge of composing & writing poetry. I’m a sketch artist& long distance – runner.


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