Warm Soup by Charl Landsberg

[tabs tab1="Poem" tab2="Poet Bio"] [tab id=1]This is haphazard magic, the turning season: a time for soup and writing. So gather and sing, gather and sing. Come in from the cold biting. My pot is inviting. Bring and share; stock the...

The Butterfly of my soul – Haiku for Africa by Plato

[tabs tab1="Poem" tab2="Poet Bio"] [tab id=1]wings of Africa passing the bars of the past the flight to freedom[/tab] [tab id=2]Anna Banasiak is a poet and literary critic[/tab] [/tabs]

Common Enemy by Chane Rose-Marie Kellerman Weyers

[tabs tab1="Poem" tab2="Poet Bio"] [tab id=1]How can one feel so strong. Yet look so weak? As i stare at my reflection. I turn away in disgust. I am my own enemy. Fight i have to fight! Yet i can not...

A Poem A Day writing prompt 25 Apr 2016

1 rule: SUBMIT YOUR BEST WORK "Deep into autumn and this caterpillar still not a butterfly" by Matsuo Basho use the form below to submit or click here For more info about A Poem A Day, click here.

(#RUReferenceList) Tamar is Bleeding by Charl Landsberg

[tabs tab1="Poem" tab2="Poet Bio"] [tab id=1]II Samuel 13 King Rhodes your daughter is bleeding. Will you turn a blind eye? Will you repeat your mistakes again, shuffle her away, keep her hidden, let her die? Because if you shove your...