Wednesday 23rd August 2017,
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To Breathe Into Another Voice: A South African anthology of jazz poetry

To Breathe Into Another Voice was recently launched at The Orbit Jazz club. This is an anthology of jazz poetry compiled and edited by avid Jazz lover and poet Myesha Jenkins. Published by Real African Publishers, the anthology explores jazz [...]

July 17, 2017 poetry seen

q&a: Mafika Gwala

Poetry Potion had the privilege of talking to a Soweto Poet, Mafika Gwala (who isn’t from Soweto).  He started writing in the sixties and published extensively with titles such as Jol’iinkomo (1977) and No More Lullabies (1982) and he has edited  Black Review (1973) and Musho! [...]

July 22, 2007 Q&A

q&a: Alhaji Papa Susso, Griot

Afrika’s tales, triumphs and failures are etched in our bodies, in our souls.  They ooze out of our pores in poetry, art, song, dance, music.  They are carved in our mothers’ and fathers’ wrinkles and calloused hands – untold.  They [...]

July 22, 2007 Q&A