Tuesday 26th September 2017,
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My unfulfilled perfect plan by Daniel Mahaba

I wanted to stand on top of the moon And tell you how much I love you In front of all the races of the world I wanted to collect sparkling stars And make you a twinkling bracelet I also [...]

September 25, 2017 a poem a day challenge, poetry

Alice by Ben Jackson

A man I once loved Rolled joints from the sleeves of his grandmothers bible, He hated her for dying. Sometimes, He locked the door, closed the windows and burnt a lot of incense Said he was teaching me how to [...]

September 22, 2017 a poem a day challenge, poetry

Omnipotence of self by Phumelelokuhle Ngidi

I have been here before, As a barrel of simmering thoughts As tall men and women that fell from grace, down to earth like flickering lightning bolts As a woman that told her people to kill the cattle and burn [...]

September 21, 2017 a poem a day challenge, poetry

Poet Profile: Xabiso Vili 

Xabiso Vili  is a performer, writer, TEDx speaker and social activist, currently working in the City of Tshwane. His writings help him explore his inner world so as to be able to relate to the outer world. He is the Pretoria [...]

September 20, 2017 poet profile, poetry seen

Maboneng by Sithembiso Mokuwa

Jozi, Maboneng, Jhoni The private hospital where dreams are born And the backroom clinic where reality aborts them So lucid are these illusions advertised, it’s a breeze for vendors to extort them They sold us dreams and we bought them [...]

September 19, 2017 a poem a day challenge, poetry

My Long Lost Broken Father by Phumelelokuhle Ngidi

Father, where are you? For a million years I’ve searched for you Sought in hovering scent of uneven jazz and grotesque blues Plunged into mother’s purple heart to seek what’s left of you Found scotching gobs, horrid hues and oblique [...]

September 18, 2017 a poem a day challenge, poetry

6… 7… Seconds of Freedom by Flow Wellington

6… 7… 6… 7… The second hand is not moving. This second-hand ideology is a ticking time bomb: 6… 7… 6… 7… In this day and age we’re too blind to realise that We only buy time to change lives [...]

September 17, 2017 a poem a day challenge, poetry

Dear Woman by Nomfundo Khambule

DEAR WOMAN: Death is playing hopscotch on your scars until they bleed Creating hollow caves that go skin deep Tying knots that will split your neck and put you in an eternal sleep Death is ignoring your heart volunteering to [...]

September 15, 2017 a poem a day challenge, poetry

Flaw art Flow chart by Sir Dice

Let me tap dance around your erogenous zones. So my flaws can give you immeasurable pleasure. I’Ll slip and err purposefully before your eyes Just to get a standing ovation from your pulse We'll tear open the fear of imperfections [...]

September 14, 2017 a poem a day challenge, poetry

Realizations by Ratsoana Ratsoana

We have met. But we are still strangers We have lost But we still have We worked hard. But still more blood sweat and tears has to be shed It and they come to pass, but we are still living. They [...]

September 9, 2017 a poem a day challenge, poetry