featured poem: One Night Stand by Chisanga Kabinga

Tendrils of smoke swirl in the air Fade slowly They lie post coital Warm Cold blue TV lights flicker He inhales the shampoo scent of her hair Of a memory that could dissolve this delicate haze His eyes close Recollecting...

haiku 120 by Nyakale Mokgosi

black is beautiful tight cornrows incite lust dazzles till dust to dust

haiku 103 by Nyakale Mokgosi

beautiful wrinkles across a sagacious face my mama rocks

haiku 101 by Nyakale Mokgosi

rap video nuances ornate slave chains air-kissing summer bunnies passé

Beat by Rick Thomas

I have this beat in my head. Unguided feet stomping in my head, Unguided feet, her toes he got, Beating stomping, Hot like lead. His dance uncertain, he moves, he moves, angry! His head feels like egg, Egg, egg, about...