haiku 103 by Nyakale Mokgosi

beautiful wrinkles across a sagacious face my mama rocks

haiku 101 by Nyakale Mokgosi

rap video nuances ornate slave chains air-kissing summer bunnies passé

Beat by Rick Thomas

I have this beat in my head. Unguided feet stomping in my head, Unguided feet, her toes he got, Beating stomping, Hot like lead. His dance uncertain, he moves, he moves, angry! His head feels like egg, Egg, egg, about...

John Matshikiza (26 November 1954 – 15 September 2008)

A poet, actor, writer, activist... John Matshikiza is one of our most profilic creative professionals. John Matshikiza was born in Sophiatown to world renown composer and jazz artists Todd Matshikiza. John Matshikiza went into exile in 1961 after his father,...

If I by Mandy Mitchell

If I sit and close my eyes I can still see you, feel you In the space above my head. Turn you around And touch you, love you In my mind. I can still have you If I close my...