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The Largus Wizard Dreamer by Rishan Singh

Rishan Singh 16 July 2015 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on The Largus Wizard Dreamer by Rishan Singh
Far away in heaven he lys,
a dreamer in daytime dirge.
Normal and humane, on Earth, he lives
with ignorant impediments,
crippling philosophical daymare-shields.

Far away in thought, his cover removed,
ideas and opinion quantified to antics
of ant-heap ants.
His soul-anticipation lures others to him,
but offensive-expressions others’ gesture-out.

His persuasive-flirtaé is convincible,
but soiled minds find him infinite and fiend.
Colloquial, but eloquent,
his simple songs singed to samples
undefined, unseemingly, now unfit;
like his simper.

His compulsion…

O’er words explode, like a volcano
too largus and complexum
to comprehend – as comprehensible
as his heart, a woebegone spirit,
far away in antiheavenly-thought.

The following words are latin:
Largus = generous
Complexum = embraced

Also note: Wizard implied a person with amazing abilities.

Rishan Singh is a South African poet, a biologist, a writer and a qualified English Language Instructor. He holds qualifications from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and Cambridge University in the UK. He presented the poem ‘Definition of Life’ at the 15th Poetry Africa community writing forum, an event at which Maputlane Wa Bofelo, one of the speakers and commentators, was present. In addition, an excerpt of one of his poems has been included in a book (belonging to a collection) edited by Peter Clutterman.
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