Tuesday 25th July 2017,
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three poems by Alan Inman

Alan Inman 3 May 2016 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on three poems by Alan Inman
Take me as your sign
of parting, of remembrance,
take me along with you
to your new land of promise,
A token of your ages ago,
of long evenings in twilight.
Do not just toss me
aside, a photograph, a locket
that has faded, that has gathered
rust, do not store me in your
wooden basement boxes,
Let my voice pulse again
as it did for so many years.
I am no doom and gloom
prophet standing at the roadside,
I am a kindly beggar
with selfless intent, scribbling
words for my work.

I am not the one who brings
down the sun and moon,
I only describe them daily.

Alan Inman is trying out poetry, having been in business for many years.
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