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To The Queen, All Hail! by Theophy Frank

Theophy Frank 19 April 2016 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on To The Queen, All Hail! by Theophy Frank
Everything seems peaceful tonight,
And I have never seen the stars shine so bright,
Oh! I know why, she’s out in all her glory,
Who? The Full Moon, don’t you know her story?
Unlike the scorching Sun, she smiles coolly,
Unlike the Crescent Moon, she smiles brightly,
She beats the stars’ brightness though not a bully,
Of them all, she is the most mighty,
Queen of the night, hers is the brightest light,
Looking at her, I find it hard to tear my gaze,
For everything her smile touches is bound to glaze.
Theophilus ‘Femi Alawonde is a student and young poet who is inspired by anything. He currently resides in Ogbomosho, and second to poetry is his love for reading.
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