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Tunisia by Tosin

Tosin Otitoju 2 August 2011 poetry Comments Off on Tunisia by Tosin
Where Romans built
And sat in stone.
Where Greek men cooked
With silk road spices.

Where you live now
Forgetting so much –
So much blood beneath
Your city streets.

You’ve washed your hair
In essence-of-jasmine.
Behind you, damp hair
Reaches to your bra.

Your little hips roll
To an African drumbeat
On mp3s French,
Arab, and now Rai.

In twenty-five-oh-nine
When all share your race,
Homo median will tour
The Milky Way.

Your man approaches.
He is a strong man:
Onions in his sweat
On his hairy chest.

Tosin Otitoju is a Nigerian engineer, academic, and writer.  Her first poetry collection, Comrade, was published in 2010, while Yalla!, a collection of travel poetry, will be published in 2011.  She blogs regularly, including at www.LIFELIB.blogspot.com
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