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two poems by mihla the poet

mihla the poet 11 May 2016 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on two poems by mihla the poet
I close my eyes and see what you have done
I close my eyes I see the marks on my body
I close my eyes I hear your words

Your words soothed me
you made your mark on me
I see what you did but I can’t understand

The part of striping me down
Rubbing my temple
Putting your log in my temple

I don’t understand I said

but it was like I was speaking to a deaf person even my tears writing

you couldn’t understand I couldn’t understand what I did to you for you to do such you were like a father figure a best friend

But I’m here crying
My temple has been broken to dust
My tears are running out
I didn’t know why it happened from watching cartoon network to sitting in a dark corner from laughter to trauma

From cutting meat to cutting my arm cause of what you did

Siting here blaming myself while you eat Sunday lunch with us but my death will be near if I uttered one word

I didn’t ask to get raped

It was a summer night in her life
She was wearing her pjays
It was a summer day in her life
She was wearing what she wanted cause she wanted to express herself
Pencil skirts
Long and short dresses
What ever made her look good and made her feel awesome

But there was a culture that thought she was calling or seeking their attention

She wanted to be herself
But now
Her life
Is full of trauma
She blaming herself
She feeling suicidal

Cause of a culture that thought she wanted their attention

Now she lives in fear
Her life changed

Cause of a culture that she didn’t hala at but they halard at her by force
But the community and the nation blamed her but few didn’t blame her

She didn’t ask for it that’s what the people who believed her said

mihlali songcaka is an aspiring poet from Bloemfontein but he was born in Umtata, Eastern Cape in a family of five. He started writing in 2011 and has performed at Umtata Word Festival in 2015.
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