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Unspeakable by Mélanie Gondoux

26 September 2014 current issue, poetry Comments Off on Unspeakable by Mélanie Gondoux
I’m afraid of “aimer”
rejected by the word
or disgusted by love
Fear of hearing my voice
throwing in these two beats
I feel naked and weak
and I hate being weak
But I gave “I love you”
millions times at least
at parties and nights
where words do not count
and promises fade
I offered my life
in a “behebbak”

“aimer” = to love (French)
“je t’aime” = I love you (French)
“behebbak” = I love you (Lebanese Arabic)
“ich liebe dich” = I love you (German)
“aishiteru” = I love you (Japanese)
“Ti amo” = I love you (Italian)
Mélanie Gondoux is a French teacher and a writer. She writes mostly in French but likes to give a try to English too.




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