Unspeakable by Mélanie Gondoux

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[tab id=1]I’m afraid of “aimer”
rejected by the word
or disgusted by love
Fear of hearing my voice
throwing in these two beats
I feel naked and weak
and I hate being weak
But I gave “I love you”
millions times at least
at parties and nights
where words do not count
and promises fade
I offered my life
in a “behebbak”

[tab id=2]Glossary:
“aimer” = to love (French)
“je t’aime” = I love you (French)
“behebbak” = I love you (Lebanese Arabic)
“ich liebe dich” = I love you (German)
“aishiteru” = I love you (Japanese)
“Ti amo” = I love you (Italian)
[tab id=3]Mélanie Gondoux is a French teacher and a writer. She writes mostly in French but likes to give a try to English too.[/tab]




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