Without Effort… by Khomotso Manthata

Khomotjo Manthata | February 2nd, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

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[tab id=1]The pleasure was amazing and satisfactory
Fulfilling and I never wanted you to ever stop
Life changing orgasms I got..
I was a whole new being then I reaches the stage of addiction

Now I want it inside me all the time
Sizes great and small I’ve seen and experienced
and Oh!… the pleasure, ….out of this world

Its all gone now!
I lay there dead,
Defeated by the craving in my blood-stream

All I want now is ‘it’ inside me all the time
With no effort I seek and find, but yet
All that pleasure is gone and I cannot stop,
but want ‘it’ all inside me all the time

Young and old they have all penetrated me
and now I lay dead, waiting for the next one to take turn. All I want is ‘it’ inside me[/tab]
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