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You Poured Into Me by Ntseuwa Mfokazana ka Tseu

Ntseuwa Mfokazana ka Tseu 29 March 2016 a poem a day challenge, poetry Comments Off on You Poured Into Me by Ntseuwa Mfokazana ka Tseu
I don’t know how.
It was on a Sunday;
and I didn’t know you,

Yet I let you in.
You lay on my lap,
Sweet slumber.
Like an open tap,
I had no idea how my thirst had turned to hunger.
And you poured into me.

I watched the rise and fall of your chest
Felt your breath brush on my thighs – pure intimacy.
I tried to sleep but I couldn’t will myself against looking at you –
Love’s infancy.
I watched you sleep –
And still I stand with anything but my heart for sale –

I remember you,
when we met.
And I’ll remember you,
how we met.
How you looked,
the first time you touched me;
I thought it’d be the last.
Now I’m praying that we last.

You don’t know how resolved you’ve turned my world.

Ntseuwa is a black baby, child of two Xhosas and two baSotho. Born to the newage black and darling to her grandmother. A lover of education, books, words, food and peace. Pan-Africanist.
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