On listening. And dreams. Poetry as an act of hope. by Vangile Gantsho

In thinking of poetry – both as a teacher and a practitioner – I am always listening for what the poem is trying to say. Listening to the music, and the ground. As a practitioner, I want to push myself...

Poet Profile: vangile gantsho

vangile gantsho is a poet, healer and co-founder of impepho press. Unapologetically a black woman, she has travelled the continent and the globe participating in literary events and festivals. gantsho is the author of two poetry collections: Undressing in front of...

You love it by Mmangwedi

The gossipers and the criminals, The misogynists and the rapists, The abusers and the narcissists, the terrible ones, do nothing

A Poem A Day Writing Prompt 01 December 2021

1 rule: SUBMIT YOUR BEST WORK Respond to the quote below with a new poem. “I have drunken deep of joy, And I will taste no other wine tonight.” — Percy Bysshe Shelley Use the form below to submit For...

The Fish Called Love by A.D. Labuschagne

Late in the night In the early morning hours Before the coming of the light I lay awake Painting pictures

A Poem A Day Writing Prompt 30 November 2021

1 rule: SUBMIT YOUR BEST WORK “Late in the night” “The slippery dream fish” “Wherever I lay my head” Use the form below to submit For more info about A Poem A Day click here

The Core Family by Paula Puolakka

The core of our family is Paula and the kids: the masculine spirit is present in the guidelines of Mr. Wittgenstein, Mr. Kaczynski, and John the Baptist.