10th Poem: Residue by Loic Ekinga

Loic Ekinga | Jul 5th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


When you left this town,
Rushing away to a life far
From the void I fed you,
You forgot to take with you
The many things you brought:
Bags of laughter, shirts of safety
Belts of support and a smelly sock
Of despair, despair that lingers
heaving with my hopes and dreams
You left them all behind
And locked them within me
For so long that lately,
I’ve been feeling them take life inside my chest
They fling themselves against the walls of my heart.
These things or people you left are crawling up my throat
And I can’t let them out and risk losing all of you.
There are people inside me
That should have left with you

Poet Bio

Loic Ekinga is a congolese amateur writer, poet and storyteller. His work focuses on the human condition and his childhood and sometimes healing. His work has been featured on The Kalahari Review, Type/Cast, Praxis Online Magazine and other
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