A poem for my cousins by Atang-Sekou

Atang-Sekou | November 30th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


I love you to death
From I’m mad as hell at you to you will never see my wrath

Straight from the heart, we grew apart with the tide
Of family strives though we sore we’d never fight and not forgive

Moonlit nights of politicking and light beer swings
Before we moved out sometimes getting caught out,
Talked about who should be blamed that our
Forefathers were enslaved and maimed,
Caught in the carnage of apartheid’s wheel.
Was it God or scripture interpretations of the intellectually bankrupted,
Blinded by greed and sickening hate?
Yea History is complex
Now our brothers victorious
On Sky scrapper walls, investments portfolios and Rolex

My brothers, our brotherhood is my fortune
Long summoned into existence by grandfathers fire light blessings
Praying over us like his own sons…Blessings!

My sisters, I love you like your laughter
Loves Mary Jane…chuckles
Like painful rough gravel roads have loved our drives home
Illuminated by the almost setting sun in its glorious beam
Beauty in the ugly and it is what you’ve been:
A song of hope and to our mothers a reality out a dream!

I love you All!!


i appreciate poetry.

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