Ode to Senor Silver Paper by Atang-Sekou

Atang-Sekou | December 6th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

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The governor’s hands are greasy though he just took
A shower and it has digital control buttons. It won’t cleanse his name from
a paper trail linked to misappropriated taxpayer money
Little Mister Silver do you know anything about this?

I had a visionary neighbour once and he was an excellent orator
His Brethren hailed him the next Kwame Nkurumah, the Liberator
Suddenly disappeared he while immersed in speaking truth to the people of his land
Gaining swift traction in the political Arena; preaching self-reliance to the African.
Little Mister Silver do you perhaps bear an idea of his whereabouts? He disappeared.

Smoke and mirrors in the defense of the murderer about to get bail down town
He killed a brother in cold blood and he’s about to walk free, impunity his crown
A woman a few k’s out of here just lied about rape. An innocent poorly man
Is about to serve jail time,
You make the world go around at your own pace and time
Redefining the true definition of crime
Now the perpetrator is right and the victim is wrong

Mr. Silver the greatest polarity in the minds of the human race
Smothering every ounce of peace despite their God’s face that glares like the hot sun and is soothing as a moon upon a spring night’s gait.
Mr. Silver have you moulded fiends out of saints?

And yet…one who Believes in a power far mightier will see that you are just a tool that could
Change the world into a better place.

Poet Bio

Atang is a Mosotho man who appreciates poetry.

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