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Maestro | Dec 11th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


My room for disappointments needs to be extended

It seems it is the dearest prayers of my heart that are not heavenly comprehended

Those thousand miles have multiplied to a million, and impossible to walk

Those sweet words have turned sour to heed and bitter to talk

Say something, I’m giving up… on myself.

If I lose me, I lose You. If I lose You, I lose everything.

You are the author of my faith, my being and my life, in its entirety.

Sometimes it’s like You give me so much hope just to eventually see me crushed beneath the weight of adversity.

And the more I believe, the less I receive

The less I’m relieved, the more I’m deceived

A true test of patience

I find bliss in the center of ignorance

Instead of knowing You enough, I’m busy chasing your gifts.

But You reach out to me through my convictions instead of using these mega priests.

You heal my soul from the inside.. but when I open my eyes, I’m still the same unworthy bride

My heart is saddened by the thought that I keep falling short of Your glory

My spirit comforted by Your Spirit, assuring me that You’ll keep picking me up ’cause You called me to be holy.



No matter how much I try to fix myself, I fail.

Even to fully understand that You’ve already paid my bail; for Your own sake.

That’s probably my worst mistake

To be adorned by so much love and not see it for what it truly is

Will You forgive me, please!

I desire Your will above mine

And if this is Your will, please give me a sign.

I continually cry for Your divine intervention

When it all happened 2000 years ago on the cross of redemption

So, Your answered my prayer before I even had words to utter

Truly, You perceive my thoughts from afar

If You are all I have, then I have everything I want. And if you take away everything, Lord, I still have You.

I now know that my desires are beyond the standards of this world

My longings, nothing in this world can satisfy

Surely, I am not made for here.

I am only made for You.

With loss of consciousness my world enlightened dims

I am suddenly blinded and nothing is what it seems.



I keep losing You while thinking that I’m at the top of my game

While I’m being crushed beneath the plays of my own mind games.

But after everything, I am always drawn to repentance because of Your kindness

In ways I can’t explain You help me to find myself.

You love me so much that You protect me, even from myself.

And that’s beautiful!

The more I seek You, the more I find You.

The more I find You, the more I love You.

The more I love You, the more I find myself in total awareness that everything I am simply parallel all the plans You have for me.

And with that, I stand here in complete contentment.

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Poet in constant, persistent pursuit of contentment.

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