A letter from Cupid by Power Within

Power Within | Dec 14th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


I hear what they’re saying, they say I’m the plug, but I’m outchea denying them product,
but how can you blame me I’ve seen them all hurting,
they’re frailing from all the dead butterflies in their empty stomachs,
they’re feeding their hearts through the flying that’s fuzzy
when they get them, the buzzing, the joys can be lovely,
the highs are amazing, the touches are thrilling,
electrifying get hair sticking up till the rose tints go dim,
the butterflies slowly lose air, skipped beats return with vengeance
as heart rate speeds up, that’s when honeymoons meet their last days,
battle lines are drawn from lies and ommissions, we fight for truths heart can’t take
in hope they’ll change when the insanity of their actions
strikes their heads like the fists we wish they were catching.

I hear what they’re saying, they say I’m the plug but I’m outchea denying them product,
but how can you blame me, I hear their hearts breaking from all the wrong puddles
they’ve fallen into in the name of love, I’ve seen their hopes drop from a dove
to black sheep that give no love, why waste their time when they can combine
flesh with souls for a moment’s fix? At least then mind sticks to aimless motions
without risking shredding pieces of heart on the floors of those that’ll brush them under the rug
to hide them from another.

I can’t stand your tears, they’re drowning my ears
when you look back it’ll all make sense,
why I’m pulling product in present tense.
Your grandkids will love you for the storms you’ve weathered,
your children will be proud that you know no addiction,
so, look inward for love’s projection,
save your soul from the world’s rejection,
otherwise you’ll live in the centre of life’s regret.

Poet Bio

Power Within is a South African writer of various forms from poetry to unpublished novels. He writes to tell the stories of the forgotten youth, those forgotten by life’s privileges, privileges forgotten by those blessed with its luck. He’s graced various platforms through performance and writing from skyscrapers like Randlords to online publications like Poetry Potion. Find him on Twitter & Instagram as @manpower_within to follow his journey.

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