2020 by Paula Puolakka

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On the last Sunday of 2019,
we are singing “ring out the old, ring in the new”
to summon the Truth and to banish falsehood.

On the last Sunday of 2019,
we are looking back to see
that the stories – we were told – were
the same as in 1966, 1983, and 2013:
only the names and the places were changed.

On the last Sunday of 2019,
people are still asking “what’s the Truth,”
but would they approve the answer?
We have gained nothing by investing in Technology:
the mining of minerals has corrupted the land,
and the metal waste has replaced the evergreen tropical sites
portrayed in the old postcards and movie posters.
That’s the Truth: you’re welcome!

On the last Sunday of 2019,
we are watching the old show “In Search Of…”
to observe that mankind’s journey is almost over.

On the last Sunday of 2019,
we are preparing our minds to the fact that when
the northern magnetic pole continues to move,
all the living things are subjected to the rays of destruction,
and eventually, the satellites will malfunction as well as
the global smartphone connections.
That’s the Truth: Sorry, had to be said!

On the last Sunday of 2019,
we are welcoming the year 2020
by singing Hare Hare as “The Song Remains the Same”
– the page of Love –
urges us to do
and feeling nostalgic while observing how things used to be
in some other life and in some other galaxy.

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